About us

The Miyon project stems from a number of personal and happy childhood memories and the emotions they stir up.
The desire to hold on to and still feel them today.


“Ever since I was a child I have been collecting fabrics and pictures….lots of pictures.
Before throwing away magazine, I would cut up at least half of it; articles and pages of fashion, art and design… then I would store them.
I didn’t know exactly why I did it, at first I kept them as an inspiration for painting and today, most of them, live on in Miyon’s inspirations.
Growing up I chose the fabrics from markets, from hobbyists, out of production fabrics that I collected and protectively guarded.
A wave of images lapped the mind over the years: the darkened room, the remnants of variegated fabrics, the colour, the pleasure of touching them and choosing the favourite, the hands of my grandmother who sewed soul and identity.
Jacquard fabrics were cut and matched, sometimes combined sometimes not, they became pillows, bags, tea towels, stoles. I watched her cutting, assembling and transforming with her 1930s “Necchi” sewing machine. Everything was perfectly finished, the end result was always a work of art”

I graduated in fashion design at the European Institute of Design in Milan in 2006.
I immediately worked in textile consulting, research and customisation.
Afterwards I teamed up with one of the first companies committed to fighting waste deriving from production processes.
My passion for painting, illustration and art has been with me in every single creative process.
Co-founder of Miyon.


“As a child I spent a great deal of time with adults; I fondly remember the carpenter who worked in a space created in the barn at my grandmother’s house; I loved going to see him to smell the wood, glue, paint and watch his large hands that bore the signs of his craft of precise restoration of beautiful antiques.
I remember my father and partner’s industrial design studio bursting with pencils, sheets, sketches and technical drawings but where imagination ruled; it was also a play full of laughter, music and games of table tennis to break up the work day”

I graduated from the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in Switzerland in 2010.
The first job was in India, which provided many years of vital experience.
For many years I have been working in a major studio operating in the field of industrial design and furniture.
Co-founder of Miyon.

“Our allied experiences gave rise to this project where fashion design and architecture come together, becoming an expression and continuous inspiration.
Our love and our optimism, this is ​Miyon​​”

I. Bassi – G.Mion