MyMoretta Oriental

The 001 project, which includes MyMoretta and MyMoretta Oriental, is mainly based on the use of vintage archival furnishing fabrics or unsold inventory stocks, thus transforming what already exists but had been “forgotten” into a valuable object. This was possible thanks to the decision of renowned textile companies to open their warehouses to us. In fact, our research focuses on fabrics that have not yet gone through a life-cycle, precious fabrics from past collections now discontinued. Some of these bags are instead made from fabrics still in production and therefore available to order.

MyMoretta Oriental, a limited-edition bag, is a sophisticated version of MyMoretta, proposed in a precious velvet fabrics.
Two anodized brass cylinders while acting as pivots, joining the bag body and handles, lend an oriental touch to the bag.

The customer can choose whether to carry it on the shoulder or by hand, replacing the supplied handles with simple gestures