The 001 project, which includes MyMoretta and MyMoretta Oriental, is mainly based on the use of vintage archival furnishing fabrics or unsold inventory stocks, thus transforming what already exists but had been “forgotten” into a valuable object. This was possible thanks to the decision of renowned textile companies to open their warehouses to us. In fact, our research focuses on fabrics that have not yet gone through a life-cycle, precious fabrics from past collections now discontinued. Some of these bags are instead made from fabrics still in production and therefore available to order.

A contemporary handbag, distinguishable, refined, minimal in its shape.
Its cubic form guarantees maximum versatility and capacity. Handcrafted and entirely created and produced in Italy, through acts performed according to ancient rules. Comfortable to the touch and resistant because it is made with a careful selection of the best furnishing fabric, deliberately reinforced to last longer over time. Structured because the choice of the semi-rigid bottom allows it to maintain its unique and distinguishable shape. Respectful of the environment because it is made with a careful choice of certified and high quality materials, in the observance of the value of time and human work and produced avoiding waste as much as possible.

The customer is offered the freedom to choose the graphic and chromatic compositions in a limited series that best match their being and feeling.