Miyon originates from the desire to offer the public a selection of projects capable of evoking emotions, design intuitions, cultural contaminations and aesthetic peculiarities from which they arise. The object synthetizes complex processes, and it gives itself to the world by simply existing.


The main focus is respect. The choice of the majority of materials, abide by our ethic values. Sustainability is beauty, uniqueness, limited production and respect towards workers and the environment.

To transform means giving new form, new structure, new essence. We strongly believe in the usefulness of every single resource derived from our production processes. Nowadays they need to be transformed following the “culture of doing”, in order to produce new values. According to our point of view, waste becomes as such when it can’t serve any function. Because, we know that today luxury means quality, longevity and consistency of the product, a sustainable one.


Miyon is inspired by the geometry of pure lines, the rationality of the architectural project, the perfection of the elements of nature. It also derives from those great and small objects that have made the history of design.

Functionality is at the basis of the creation and meets up the aesthetics of a product entirely conceived and realized in Italy. Subsequently, our concept of beauty concerns coherence and fascination, and the ability to give rise to emotions, memories and concepts created not to be forgotten.

Slow Production for better Results

Miyon creations are made with the same care we put in each action we take; the same care we devote in dealing with the sale of them: before, during and after.
We believe in the values of slowness, synonymous of humanity and kindness, attention to details, exploration of original solutions, acceptance of little variations, sign of man-made creations.
In a word: quality.
Objects are entirely designed and made in Italy, according to the integrity that permits to keep the promises through acts performed according to ancient rules.
But that’s still not enough, since on the background of skillfull Italian craftsmen, the concept of function never ceases to influence the process.
Smart craftsmanship is the synthesis of miyon innovation.
The concept of “Atelier” adapts to the mobility and flexibility of the digital society. An evolved workshop where the slowness of gestures creates objects designed to live fast.

Research & Accuration

Every day, Miyon’s approach to quality is focused on the continuous search for the best techniques at the service of the best material, in the right place, at the right time, in the right balance between function, form, matter and skills. Only in this way can the brand guarantee that its products will receive the greatest attention to detail.